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Shayna’s Story

North Dakota passed legislation to strengthen DUI penalties in 2013. The deadly 2015 DUI crash you are about to learn about would be the precedent-setting case testing the mettle of the law. Three young women—two of them University of North Dakota students on summer break—met up for a night of fun. What they got was a parent’s worst nightmare.

We will also explore why North Dakota and other sparsely populated midwestern states have some of the highest DUI numbers per capita in America—and why that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The Kentucky Bus Crash (and Charlie’s Story)

More than 35 years have passed since the crash that would go down in history as the worst DUI in American history. Thankfully, safety protocols have been installed since to prevent the type of horrific explosion that was ignited by a drunken driver that May 1988 day.

However, all 67 people aboard the Ratcliff First Assembly of God’s Church bus lives were altered for eternity.

Listen to Karolyn, Janet and Mandy tell you their memories of that day—and how their lives have been impacted by impaired driving.