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Bill Kelly’s story

The Kelly and Cumberland families had a lot in common. Both “old Coast” families whose roots dated back decades in the Orange Grove area of Gulfport. Coincidentally, both had homesteads on the same rural road in the county. Unfortunately, years of the lack of accountability for the choices of one would have deadly consequences on the other.

Shayna’s Story

North Dakota passed legislation to strengthen DUI penalties in 2013. The deadly 2015 DUI crash you are about to learn about would be the precedent-setting case testing the mettle of the law. Three young women—two of them University of North Dakota students on summer break—met up for a night of fun. What they got was a parent’s worst nightmare.

We will also explore why North Dakota and other sparsely populated midwestern states have some of the highest DUI numbers per capita in America—and why that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The Kentucky Bus Crash (and Charlie’s Story)

More than 35 years have passed since the crash that would go down in history as the worst DUI in American history. Thankfully, safety protocols have been installed since to prevent the type of horrific explosion that was ignited by a drunken driver that May 1988 day.

However, all 67 people aboard the Ratcliff First Assembly of God’s Church bus lives were altered for eternity.

Listen to Karolyn, Janet and Mandy tell you their memories of that day—and how their lives have been impacted by impaired driving.

Episode 4: America’s Story

For a nation that sprang from Puritanical beginnings, America moved quickly to one that glorified the rough and tumble, hard-drinking of the Old West. We moved into the 20th century and Americans fascination turned to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood movie stars with a drink in one hand and cigarette in the other…we followed their lead and culture shifted…. Adding automobiles to the mix brought a need for laws to curb some of our sins….

But, limiting civil rights in a country founded on freedom has not been an easy road.

Neither are roads filled with impaired drivers, however.

And we haven’t figured it out even still.

What does it mean to be legally impaired?

How much alcohol does it take?

This is America’s journey to discovering that too much of this “good thing” during pioneer days is deadly combined with our modern lifestyles.

Hear from a former Louisiana bartender about the “drive-thru” liquor store, from Mississippi’s renowned restauranteur and writer Robert St. John about how getting a DUI at 19 saved his life, and from a Mississippi man who explains why alcoholism and addiction are like fighting off the devil himself.


Shelley’s Story

We all blame the driver in a DUI crash that injures or kills people or damages other’s property. But sometimes the problem isn’t just one person.

With a DUI crash, we typically turn the other way if we aren’t directly affected. We read stories and we get angry at the person who was driving drunk.  In this case, it was Shelley Rose who drove drunk and killed innocent people.

It’s her fault, right?

Well, the story is so much more complicated than that.

No one dreams of growing up and becoming an alcoholic and killing people in a drunken or impaired car crash.

But some of us—all of us, actually, at times in different circumstances of life—need roadblocks, boundaries, mentors, tough love—to save us from ourselves.

Instead, Shelley Rose was her own worst enemy. Unfortunately, she had several partners in crime, including those sworn to protect us.

This is the story of how Shelley Rose arrived at that fateful Thanksgiving Day 2018.

Episode 10: Awaiting Justice for Angela

Angela’s best friend shares her memories of Angela’s terrifying visit to the Mahned Bridge and the last few weeks before she went missing and the weeks afterward when it seemed so many mistakes were being made.  Also, Debra has encounters with Stephen Lindsey and Larry Posey years after Angela’ disappearance, which couldn’t have been more different.  Finally, where Angela’s case stands today and what law enforcement is currently doing in the case.

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Episode Nine: New Millennium–new detective and technology come on scene

Nearing the new millennium, a new breed of detective coupled with major advances in technology impacted the Angela Freeman investigation.  For a brief moment it looked like answers might finally be available to explain just what happened that night at the Mahned Bridge.

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Bonus Episode 2: Points of Clarity and Listener Questions

Join us for an in-between episode round table discussion!  We take answer your questions and provide a couple of points of clarity about the content previously released.

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Episode Seven: Declaration of Death

After seven years, authorities urged Angela Freeman’s family to formally declare her deceased.  A service was held, but the grieving process continued as Debra and Bill Stewart’s marriage crumbled.  In this episode we’ll also look at statistics on missing persons and two other newly cold cases in Mississippi.

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Episode Six: Cold Cases and Clairvoyants

One of the interesting things that seems to happen anytime a person goes missing or is killed in a mysterious way and the case remains unsolved for any length of time is the interest from psychics or people who believe they can help solve the case with help from otherworldly means.  Angela Freeman’s case has been no exception.  
In Episode Six we will explore what psychics over the years have brought forth in the Freeman case, and we will discuss some cases where law enforcement has actually solved cases seemingly from evidence uncovered through psychic phenomena.  
Listen closely because some of the new evidence we will introduce in a forthcoming episode will require us to retrace some of the psychic visions from more than two decades ago. 
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