Episode Three: What Changed in 1993 for Angela Freeman?

Angela turned 17 in January and broke up with her longtime boyfriend, though she continued to carry a torch for her first love.  She dropped out of school and started working at fast food restaurants in Hattiesburg, where she met and began dating a black man, which at the time in Mississippi, was still frowned upon by many, including her soon-to-be stepfather. She found out in May that she was pregnant.  Angela also discovered who her biological father was—and one of her classmates was in fact her half-brother.   Two weeks before Angela’s disappearance on September 10, her mother Debra married her stepfather.  She was in the process of moving in with a co-worker the weekend she went missing.  The co-worker found a note from Angela saying that she’d be back soon.  Her car was discovered hours later at the Mahned Bridge in rural Perry County.

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