Season 2 Episode 1: Alcohol, Intoxicants, “Accidents” in America

The second season of Telling Lives, I chose to explore the continued societal problem of DUI and impairment in American culture and examine how to affect change.

I’ll share stories from around the country—in Mississippi, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Kentucky and other states—going back to the worst DUI crash in American history that killed 27 in 1988—to a police chief and father who lost his own daughter weeks before her wedding—and a father out walking who was killed—and his own daughter was left without her father to walk her down the aisle at her wedding this year.  

I’ll also share stories of the good that can come from choosing the right course before tragedy strikes and what taking that path leads to—I talked to a nationally-renowned chef whose DUI at age 21 made him seek rehab and redemption in Christ and he hasn’t touched alcohol since. 

I have looked at data from a dozen states and talked to people involved in DUIs from every angle—victims, survivors, perpetrators, police, friends, doctors, bartenders and more.

These stories bear witness to America’s drinking and drugged driving problem and how we got here—why don’t we treat impaired driving like the serious crime it is after the first or even second offense—and why we must, especially in the current political climate of more states every year legalizing the use of marijuana. 

My prayer is that listeners will empathize and be encouraged to make choices that don’t hurt themselves or kill others—-that choosing to do the right thing will become the American thing again. 

This season is dedicated to the memory of Jada Bright.